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In Huck signo vinces?

My piece today examines the dangers of a Huckabee-versus-Giuliani race, which would likely develop if Huckabee dominates the pre-Super Tuesday contests. Contrast their positions on the issues (gun-control, abortion, taxes and spending) and the two men have absolutely nothing in common. Contrast their personal lives or their faith lives (the pietistic Baptist minister versus the Catholic who cannot receive communion because his marriage is not square with the Church) and they have even less in common.

A contest between them would be sure to tear apart the Republican Party, pitting against each other entire factions that would divide less cleanly with candidates who are less dissimilar (say, Mitt versus McCain or even Thompson versus Ron Paul).

Huckabee is clearly falling off at this late stage — the question is, by how much? Can his campaign succeed long enough to create this perilous showdown?

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