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The Huckabee Ad

So I wrote this:

This gives Huckabee’s ad just the slightest spin as a volley in the “Christmas wars” but not enough for him to be fairly tagged as trying to politicize Christmas. Rather, that charge will be aimed at anyone who complains about the ad.

And a reader responds (for several others) pithily:

Like, say, the majority of NRO writers?

Me: I don’t know, has anyone around here complained about the ad? So far it’s been huzzahs and three cheers for the ad’s brilliance. But if the complaint is that we’re being too political in our reading of the ad, all I can say is, yo ho ho and and put down the rum. If you don’t think there’s a political intent behind an ad aimed at Iowa caucus goers and that religion isn’t part of the mix, your complaint should be aimed at your pharmacist for giving you the wrong medication. This is first and foremost a political opinion blog at a political opinion website that is part of a political opinion magazine that has made dealing with the intersection of conservatism and politics for half a century. Is it really so absurd to look at this ad from that perspective? Really?

Correction: I stand corrected, Kathryn did indeed complain. 

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