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Huckabee and “Action America”

The New York Times has a story on it today (in general, I think public officials should be paid enough that they don’t have to try to find alternate sources of income–will inevitably create complications):

In an e-mail message on Friday, the Huckabee campaign described Action America as a “nonprofit set up to promote conservative ideas and policies” and reiterated Mr. Huckabee’s assertion that he did not know tobacco money was behind the group.

But Mr. Vigneault said Mr. Huckabee “absolutely” knew of the Reynolds connection. Mr. Huckabee not only knew that Mr. Vigneault and Mr. Graves were Reynolds lobbyists, Mr. Vigneault said, but he also met Reynolds executives in his apartment in Little Rock.

“There’s no way he could not have known about the money from R. J. Reynolds,” Mr. Vigneault said. “If he’s saying he didn’t know about the Reynolds money, he’s been less than truthful.”


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