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Huckabee, Before and After

A reader responds to Lisa and me:

Jonah and Lisa,

Just to clear this up: Mike Huckabee lost his weight on a supervised,

carefully managed meal replacement program begun at the University of

Arkansas for Medical Sciences, here in Little Rock.  My dad lost a huge

amount of weight in this program–not as much as Huckabee, but as I

remember, 65-70 pounds.  And he did it with startling rapidity, just

like Huckabee.  I participated in the program this past summer but,

sadly, had to quit: as a baby attorney, I have zero spare time and not

nearly enough money to stay on the program (for now). 

The program is legitimate and the people running it are strict:

participants have weekly weigh-ins and counseling, a weekly group

meeting led by a nutrionist, and regular doctor’s appointments/blood

tests. If you don’t follow the rules, you have to leave.  It’s very

intense and it works quickly, as many Arkansans can attest.

I’m not 100% on the Huckabee bandwagon, but he really did buckle down

and work incredibly hard to achieve something that, I’m here to tell

you, is extremely difficult.  I think he should get credit for that, not

casual insinuations of dishonesty.

Here’s just one of the news stories quoting Dr. Phillip Kern, who

started the UAMS program and oversaw Huckabee’s weight loss.

And here’s the website for the UAMS weight loss program.

If there’s hard evidence backing up the surgery rumor, I apologize.  But

if there isn’t, could you please correct your posts on the Corner?



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