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Huckabee Boomlet

It’s not often the Daily Beast and I agree, but Michael Tomasky has pointed to the same set of facts that I did in my column.

Tomasky’s take:

For my money, all this points to Mike Huckabee as the logical choice. He’s Southern and a Baptist and he’s been down this road (thus, an automatic qualifier on the heartbeat question) and the media like him. He plays the guitar. Bass, which is always the instrument of choice for loners and kids trying desperately to fit in, but still. I’m flummoxed as to why he’s not on these lists. He ranks behind both Pauls, Ron and Rand, on Intrade. The rest of them — except for Paul Ryan, who is the liberals’ dream candidate — no one knows or cares about.

By the way, I don’t recall ever endorsing Huckabee for president. I’ve always liked the guy, but never been part of the Huckabee machine.

I am not pushing Huckabee because I like Huckabee (although I do) but because we need to defeat Barack Obama.


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