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The Huckabee Foreign Affairs Piece

It is almost the same as his September speech at CSIS. But in his Iran discussion, I find it interesting what he left out from his CSIS speech and what he added in, especially in the below instance.

At CSIS, he said:

The administration has quite properly said that it will not take the military option for Iran off the table. Neither would I. But if we don’t put some other options on the table, eventually the military option becomes the only viable one. Right now, we’re proceeding down only one track with Iran: armed confrontation.

That bolded line is simply false and unless I’m mistaken, it’s not in the Foreign Affairs piece. I’m glad that he has thought better of it. Indeed, in the Foreign Affairs piece he instead praises the recent actions–designating the al Quds force as a terrorist entity, etc.– that all the people who think Bush has only pursued “armed confrontation” oppose. Now, Huckabee goes so far as to chastise them: “The Democrats who claim that such measures are a step toward war are deluded.”


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