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Huckabee: “I Hate It Like Crazy”

I have a story up this morning on Mike Huckabee and the case of Wayne Dumond – the convicted rapist who was freed under Huckabee’s administration as governor of Arkansas, only to rape and murder a woman in neighboring Missouri. I interviewed Huckabee about the case a few months ago, when he was low in the polls and few people were paying attention. Now, that has changed – just this morning, ABC is airing a report featuring the mother of the woman Dumond killed – and it’s worth another look at a case that not only causes Huckabee great anguish but could affect his presidential chances:

As he talked, Huckabee looked down. “I hate it like crazy,” he said. “It’s one of the most horrible things ever that he went off and did what he did. It’s just terrible. There’s nothing you can say, but my gosh, it’s the thing you pray never happens. And it did.”


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