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Huckabee’s Apology

From his interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today:

HUCKABEE: After the debate today I went to Mitt Romney and apologized to him, because I said, I would never try, ever, to try to somehow pick out some point of your faith and make it, you know, an issue, and I wouldn’t.  I’ve stayed away from talking about Mitt Romney’s faith.  And I told him face to face, I said, “I don’t think your being a Mormon ought to make you more or less qualified for being a president.” That has been my position.

Wolf, everybody I’ve talked to just about wants me to come out and say something about Mitt Romney’s faith.  I’ve not taken the bait, but if I don’t say something, they say that my avoiding it is really an underlying statement.  If I do say anything, then I’m attacking him.

So I’m not sure how to deal with that, but I certainly am not in any way getting into that.  And as I said to him, I say to you, I don’t think his particular religion is a factor in whether or not people should vote for him or against him.

BLITZER:  So how did he react, Mitt Romney, when you went up to him and you said — you apologized, I guess, for that one quote?

HUCKABEE:  Well, he was gracious.  You know, I hope he knows it was sincere.  But, you know, I’m trying to stay away from everything I can say.  I’m being much more cautious now, because everything is being parsed.



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