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Huckabee’s Record

There’s still no sign that Mike Huckabee is going to release the text of the sermons he gave as a pastor — curious behavior, to say the least, from a candidate who has chosen to make his religious beliefs a central part of his campaign. Other aspects of the governor’s record, are however, more easy to ferret out. Here’s Cato’s Michael Tanner on some of them: 

On its annual governor’s report card, Cato gave Huckabee an “F” for fiscal policy during his final term, and an overall two-term grade of “D.” Only four governors had worse scores, and 15 Democratic governors got higher grades, including well-known liberals like Ted Kulongoski of Oregon, Rod Blagojevich of Illinois, and Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania. But Huckabee doesn’t just embrace big government in the form of big taxes. He truly appears to believe that if something is a good idea it should be a federal government program. For example, having become health conscious while losing more than 120 pounds (a remarkable feat), he now calls for a national smoking ban. Because he believes that “art and music are as important as math and science” in public schools, he wants these programs funded — and thus, directed and administered — federally. Huckabee is, incidentally, the only Republican candidate for president who opposes school choice.  


Ugh. The idea that Gov. Huckabee could conceivably be the GOP’s presidential nominee is simply appalling, and so, while I’m on the topic, is the notion (that I’ve seen floated around here and there) that he could be a vice-presidential pick. Just say no.    


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