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Huck’s Deus Vult

I just saw this for the first time. Yikes!

I admit, I’m always happy to tell anyone who will listen that “God made Notre Dame Number One.” But at least that has a double meaning (Notre Dame = Our Lady). Can a political candidate really get away with this kind of cheap celestial boosterism? Is it God, or is it the push-polling — and all the other things, good and bad that go into a campaign?

UPDATE — From a reader:

I’m a Republican that continues to question the existence of God.  Having said that, I found Governor Huckabee’s explanation in the you tube clip to be genuine and refreshing.  

Well, as a conservative and a believing Catholic who actually sympathizes with many of Huckabee’s positions, I don’t like it at all. Surely, God plays a role in all things. But isn’t it a bit presumptuous to offer “God wants me to win this election?” as an explanation for one’s success? What if God wants us to suffer four years of Hillary, for our own good?

UPDATE: I missed Geraghty’s alternate account. Although I also notice that he had the same initial reaction I did.


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