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Huffington Post‘s Stein: ‘Almost Criminal’ No One Beta-Tested Obamacare Websites

The Huffington Post’s White House correspondent Sam Stein called on Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius to testify before Congress over the dysfunctional websites of the Obamacare online exchanges. He also said the administration should fire those tasked with setting up the website for its lack of readiness.

“Up until very recently, they didn’t realize how bad this was going to go out,” Stein said on Morning Joe on Monday. “No one beta-tested the site, which is almost criminal if you think about it.”

“Basically, it comes down to this: You promised a product to the American people; you said this was going to change the way that healthcare was delivered . . . and the fact of the matter is it didn’t work, so now you have to bring accountability,” he added.


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