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‘A Huge Triumph for the Church’

Michael Sean Winters has an interesting analysis of the victory of the Stupak amendment. But even if I didn’t know that he was roughly the same age as I am, I think I’d be able to guess from his post. He talks about “right-wing paranoia” that, he jokes, might end up causing the conservative Catholic website InsideCatholic “to start a series on alternative theories about the JFK assassination.” Okay, a lot of people might use the JFK assassination as the best example of a subject of kooky theorizing. But Winters’s last sentence definitely places him in his generation, and mine. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck: “Now, on to the Senate and let’s win there too.” Was this a deliberate echo of Bobby Kennedy’s last public words – and, perhaps, Winters’s subtle suggestion that he fears the bill, in the end, will not pass?