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A Hunger to Know

As you may have noticed, I have done something unusual in Impromptus today — answered FAQs. Three of them, that is. They are the three most frequently asked questions I receive: 1) “What can I read to know about Che Guevara?” 2) “What can I read to know about music?” (I suggest listening to some things — an assortment of music, particularly by the great composers.) And 3) “How can I break into journalism?”


I have put those questions in order — the order of the frequency of their asking. (How’s that for an awkward sentence?) By far — by far — the most frequently asked question is the Che one. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t get it. People are hungry to have something that separates fact from fiction, man from myth — particularly when a friend or family member has one of the T-shirts.


The other day, I received a letter I found kind of heartbreaking and frustrating. It doesn’t have to do with a T-shirt. But it is on our theme. See if you agree with me about heartbreaking and frustrating:



I’m an active-duty guy who attends classes at a local college down here in Tucson, Ariz. In one of the hallways, they have huge paintings of both Che and President Obama, done in the “revolutionary” style. They are very prominently displayed, and they are right next to each other. I guess my problem is twofold: I don’t have a beef against Obama’s picture being displayed — if it were the traditional government photo with the president and the American flag. But in the “Che” style? Furthermore, they sure as heck didn’t have a photo of President Bush displayed with prominence when he was in office.


Also, what would you recommend that I cite about Che in my letter of protest to the school president? And do you have any advice for said letter?

See what I mean? But thank goodness for such people as this “active-duty guy” who are interested, alert, and gutsy.


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