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Huntsman’s Quiet Departure

Via the Post, Weaver called Stevens to make it official:

Huntsman’s decision to drop out was conveyed to the Romney campaign in a telephone call Sunday night from John Weaver, the architect of the Huntsman campaign, to Stuart Stevens, the chief strategist on Romney’s team. According to an official, they were caught “totally by surprise.”

Several Huntsman staffers “were unaware of the decision.”

NBC’s Garrett Haake reports that Huntsman’s campaign advance director was told the candidate was dropping out by a Romney staffer, who had been told by an NBC reporter minutes earlier. According to that Romney staffer, Huntsman campaign staff were at the debate walk through (there’s a debate tomorrow night) asking “real” questions and were seemingly fully involved.

Much, if not all, of the Romney campaign team was also unaware — despite Huntsman endorsing him tomorrow. The campaign’s political director, for example, found out via a news alert.

Several members of the Huntsman advance team, who flew down just this morning, were unaware of the decision. Huntsman’s regional political director found of the decision via an NBC reporters’ Tweet.


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