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Hurray for the NBA

LeBron James: the GOAT?

Last month, just before the Final Four, I did a Q&A on college basketball with our Theodore Kupfer. Teddy K. is back, by popular demand, joined by two other experts: Vivek Dave, an old friend of mine from Michigan, who has long lived in Chicago, and David French, National Review’s Kentucky Kid, now resident in Tennessee. Our subject on this Q&A: NBA basketball, and specifically the playoffs now underway.

What makes the NBA great? How does the pro game differ from the college game? Are “super-teams” a problem? What about “tanking”? Who are the best players? And the best coaches? Is LeBron the GOAT (the Greatest of All Time), or must you still give the nod to Jordan?

Etc. Mainly, I stay out of the way, deferring to the experts — and a really enjoyable trio they are (plus, informed to the gills). For the podcast, go here.

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