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Hurricane Harvey Nonprofit Fundraises for . . . Abortion?

Houston and the surrounding area has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey, and hundreds of thousands of people are in desperate need of assistance. There are plenty of charities raising millions to help them, but one in particular has set its sights on a truly worthy goal: making sure that victims of the hurricane can . . . terminate unwanted pregnancies?

The Lilith Fund is a Texas nonprofit “for reproductive equity,” and in the wake of the hurricane’s devastation, the group created an emergency fund to provide financial help to “Harvey survivors seeking abortion care.”

“With increased barriers like temporary clinic closures, displacement, loss of homes/vehicles, and more, access to abortion just got even more difficult for those affected by Harvey,” says a post on the group’s Facebook page.

The National Network of Abortion Funds, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, and the Women’s March, along with left-wing activists, quickly voiced support for the fund as an important way to help those affected by Harvey.

One conservative pundit put it perfectly on Twitter, saying that a donation to the Lilith Fund “is a great investment if you think the biggest problem with Harvey is that it didn’t kill enough people.”

This unconscionable fund is the latest evidence that abortion-rights activists will use every imaginable excuse to fundraise for and promote abortion. Planned Parenthood conducts a rather ironic fundraising push on Mother’s Day each year, without a hint of self-awareness. NARAL and the Women’s March are already busy casting Labor Day as a time to reflect on the fact that “the fight for reproductive freedom and the fight for workers’ rights go hand in hand.”

Meanwhile, the Lilith Fund and its supporters are focusing their energy not on helping hurricane victims rebuild their lives, but rather on taking the lives of unborn Texans.


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