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‘Hurricane Ryan’

The always aureate Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D., Texas) set a pretty high standard for Paul Ryan budget demagoguery on the House floor today:

The Republican budget will destroy Medicare…

There is an effort to bury this program that has kept the grandmothers and granddads and America’s children alive for them to be able to see their grandchildren grow up because they’ve had good healthcare. Where is the morality?

I just want to paint the picture of ‘no room at the inn:’ ‘Lights out, doors wide open and the drumbeat playing as people are being rolled out of nursing homes in wheelchairs, with crutches, some on beds.

Maybe we can just imagine the tragic scenes of Hurricane Katrina, when nursing home residents were pouring out of nursing homes in the wake of the disaster…Well let me tell you we’ve got Hurricane Ryan, and there’s a disaster coming.

Is this the “serious conversation” President Obama had in mind?

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