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Huzzah & Hooray

Very good time last night. I think — and I’m sure Kathryn would agree — the highlight was when, during her remarks, Kathryn mentioned something about Battlestar Galactica and I shouted from behind her (and only feet from Mitt Romney) “Free New Caprica!”

Thanks to the suits at NR and everyone else for their hard work. I was plagued with guilt all night (seriously) that I didn’t thank Chris McEvoy (the Rasputin of NRO) and Nathan Goulding (Chaka)  in my remarks last night for their tireless  efforts at making the site what it is. I probably also should have mentioned that I owe Rich everything. But I thought it’d be funnier if I said I got my job after saving his life in a prison riot. That’s sort of a tradition at these things.

One of favorite moments came early on. I was immediately mobbed when I walked in. Shaking hands. Posing for pictures and all of the really weird stuff that I’m asked to do only  at these events. One women came up to me and asked “Are you Jonah Goldberg.”

I replied, “I am. It’s nice to meet you –”  

Completely  unfazed that she guessed right, she cut me off and said, “Then you must know what John Miller looks like!”

I laughed. And told her I did indeed know what he looks like. “He’s a tall white guy in his mid to late thirties,” I said laughing.

All you had to do was look around the room to know that this was next to no help at all, which she immediately appreciated. 

Anyway, a great bunch of people came to this thing and I was delighted to put more names and faces with email addresses.  I hope everyone who ponied up felt it was worthwhile. Thanks for all your support.


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