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Hybrid Parking Spaces?

From the Houston Chronicle, “Stores reward hybrid drivers with choice parking spaces“:

Wheelchair users and others with limited mobility have long had access to prime parking spaces. Then expectant mothers got their own special spots. Now some stores are setting aside coveted parking close to the door for fuel-efficient hybrids.

Ikea has designated hybrid-only spaces across the U.S., including one at its Houston store on the Katy Freeway. Home Depot and Office Depot are trying out similar parking perks for fuel efficiency in Austin, Chicago and several other cities.

It’s worth noting that a person who’s driving a fuel efficient used car or a person who’s cutting back on their driving significantly may actually be far exceeding the environmental benefits of driving a hybrid — not that they’ll be recognized for being environmentally conscious. Not to put down everyone who drives a hybrid, but too often the environmental movement ignores real incentives in favor of nonsense such as this, which merely rewards outward displays of sanctimony.


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