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“Hyper-Effective Political Organization”!

In other news, the California GOP continues its implosion. It turns out the party’s new Chief Operating Officer, a non-citizen from Australia, “was ordered deported in 2001, jailed three years later for visa violations — and has filed a $5 million wrongful arrest lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, according to U.S. District Court documents.” The San Francisco Chronicle story (hat tip to Michelle Malkin) doesn’t say specifically why he was ordered deported, but it looks like he came here on a tourist visa, and became an illegal alien when he overstayed.

The paper reports that his resume, “which states his objective is ‘to play a major role in the reshaping of the California Republican Party into a hyper-effective political organization’ — shows no employment from 2000-2006. Sources said that during at least some of those years he called himself an aspiring actor, and occasionally worked in desk clerk jobs before he eventually tried his hand at selling real estate in New York and the Dominican Republic, which he left in February.” The owner of the real estate agency in the D.R. had this to say about his former employee: “I wouldn’t give him my company to run, I can tell you that.”

The Governator’s spokesman called the incident “almost a parody of incompetence and malfeasance,” which might as well be the motto of the post-Pete-Wilson Republican Party in California.


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