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“I Am Astonished to See How Astonished Everyone Is”

There’s a way-disturbing story (What? WFB used that phrase just last week!) in the NYTimes today about a French hospital storing dead fetuses, in some cases for over two decades. Parents of these children had no idea. Even more disturbing, though, is a comment at the end of the piece:

Dr. Guy-Marie Cousin, president of the National Union of Gynecologists and Obstetricians, was incensed at the public uproar. “Aside from eventual dysfunction that the investigation may turn up, I am astonished to see how astonished everyone is,” he said. Research on fetuses, he told Le Monde, was “indispensable both for teaching and for research. Are we condemned to abandon it?”

Oh, don’t worry, Dr. Guy, the trend among the compassionate–at least over here–these days seems to lean toward fetal farming, so it’s all good.

Yuck factor or whatever–at least some people are still disturbed.

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