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I Am Happy to See…

…that a blogger known as G-Gnome, whom I actually kind of praised yesterday for his wit in attacking me with adapted lyrics of the Tigger song that were very derogatory of neocons — in a fashion reminiscent of David Brooks’ crack that the “con” in neocon stands for “conservative” and the “neo” stands for Jew — has a long and strong record of supporting Israel’s tough-minded approach to the war on terror. That doesn’t make his lyrics any less suggestively offensive in what has now become a classic canard:

“The wonderful thing about neos/

Is neos all live in New York./

They don’t serve in Baghdad or Basra,/

To them, that’s a job for a dork…./

But the other most wonderful thing about neos/

Is they’re all raving mad.”

G-Gnome is now threatening to sue me for libel, which is interesting, because I could threaten him with exactly the same for calling me “raving mad.” However, I can speculate that being a Glaswegian, perhaps he is unaware that the “neos live in New York” line has a distinct scent of dual-loyalty talk to it, though he does seem sophisticated enough to know. In any case, his long series of quotations of his own work do suggest he is no anti-Semite — though he is an ass. I am apologizing for carelessness in the use of the word “anti-Semitism,” though not because he demands it. In fact, I think he should stuff it.


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