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I Can Take a Subtle Message

Peggy Noonan says “Ssssshhhhhhhh.”

Peggy writes, “Conservatives have been angry with him for a long time and for good reason. They have expressed their unhappiness. They have made their point. Mr. Specter has been chastened and warned; the leadership of his party told him to fight for himself. He knows the Republican Party will expect him to support the nomination of judges free of a Roe v. Wade litmus test, or any litmus test, including a religious test. Many believe, and with reason, that a practicing Catholic isn’t allowed to be a federal judge in America anymore. Mr. Specter will have to be more open-minded, more supportive, than he’s been in the past. But he looks like a man who got the message, doesn’t he? “

I agree, definitely, that he will probably be chairman if no further screw-ups on his part. And I take a chastened Chairman Specter as a partial victory for conservatism–but emphasis on partial. That said, conservatives, I think do have to be realistic. Specter is who he is, and the White House would be freer to be bolded, conservatively speaking, without him. That’s just reality. One should not pretend otherwise. We would be better off if he were not chairman. That’s reality, too, methinks.


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