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I Can’T Wait For The Dem Screams About Flawed Intelligence…

…oh, wait—there won’t be any. Note the phrase in bold, from NY Times today:

“Alarm Raised Over Quality of Uranium Found in Iran


VIENNA, March 10 — United Nations nuclear inspectors have found traces of extremely highly enriched uranium in Iran, of a purity reserved for use in a nuclear bomb, European and American diplomats said Wednesday.

Among traces that inspectors detected last year are some refined to 90 percent of the rare 235 isotope, the diplomats said. While the International Atomic Energy Agency has previously reported finding “weapons grade” traces, it has not revealed that some reached such a high degree of enrichment.

The presence of such traces raises the stakes in the international debate over Iran’s nuclear program and increases the urgency of determining the uranium’s origin. If the enrichment took place in Iran, it means the country is much further along the road to becoming a nuclear weapons power than even the most aggressive intelligence estimates anticipated….”


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