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I Didn’T Know What to Do With This E-Mail

So I’m sharing it:

grade-level requirements to read NRO authors-

using the Gunning-Fog Index*, a sampling from most recent articles:

11.03 Frum (that’s 11 years of schooling)

10.94 Murdock

10.60 Ledeen

10.58 Hanson

10.12 Derbyshire

10.11 Novak

9.59 Buckley

8.77 Nordlinger

8.47 Brookhiser

8.44 Coffin

8.00 Seipp

7.90 Blyth

7.82 Kudlow

7.62 Lopez

7.07 O’Bierne

6.91 Goldberg

6.64 Lowry

6.52 York

6.32 Stuttaford

*The following is the algorithm to determine the Gunning-Fog index.

* Calculate the average number of words you use per sentence.

* Calculate the percentage of difficult words in the sample (words with three or more syllables).

* Add the totals together, and multiply the sum by 0.4.

* Algorithm: (average_words_sentence +

number_words_three_syllables_plus) * 0.4

The result is your Gunning-Fog index, which is a rough measure of how many years of schooling it would take someone to understand the content.

The lower the number, the more understandable the content will be to your visitors. Results over seventeen are reported as seventeen, where seventeen is considered post-graduate level.

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