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I Do Not Like This…

I do not like it one bit. In Portland, Oregon firemen are being told to take down their American flags because, in the words of an official, “We do not want extremists attacking our apparatus or our personnel.”

Now, I don’t mean to be over-dramatic, but there are men and women fighting and dying under that banner. They wouldn’t take down the American flag in the face of intimidation and even death. But our firemen who, we are constantly told, are the frontline soldiers in the war on terror are expected to voluntarily take down Old Glory in the face of intimidation by some coffee house revolutionaries in the pacific northwest? Give the firemen guns or clubs or let them use their firehoses if they’re afraid of attacks from protestors. But, I’m sorry, if these colors don’t run in Basrah and Kandahar, they sure as hell shouldn’t be running in Portland. Let the flags fly!

By the way: If ever there was a cause for conservative talk radio, email campaigns and angry phone calls, I think this is it.


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