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I Don’T Buy It

The Sunday Express (link Via Drudge) claims that members of the Kurdish Patriotic Front captured Saddam, drugged him and then left him for the Americans to find. Read the story yourself, but a number of things strike me as implausible. First of all, why wouldn’t the Kurds who captured Saddam try to ransom him for either the $25 million reward or for even more shmundo? Why wouldn’t they at least use Saddam to curry favor with the Iraqi public or American officials? If it was somehow in their interests to leave Saddam for the Americans secretly, why turnaround and undermine the Americans by revealing their efforts? If you’re not going to keep it secret, there are a lot of better ways to go public. Indeed, why wouldn’t the Kurds hold onto him themselves for trial? Why wouldn’t they kill him themselves if this was the product of a blood feud? Why reveal the story to a British tabloid?


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