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‘I Don’t Want My 17-Year-Old Son to Have to Pick Tomatoes’

Those immortal words of Karl Rove justifying amnesty and mass immigration came to mind when I read that Mike Rowe, the “Dirty Jobs” guy, came to Washington yesterday “to tell members of Congress and the public that those ‘dirty’ jobs should get some more respect.” He wasn’t talking about immigration, but might as well have been:

Rowe explained that “dirty” jobs, like those in manufacturing and farming, used to mean success, but now look like settling. He wants that to change.

“I don’t think the country is going to fall back in love with manufacturing and I don’t think these policies are going to change, until or unless we reignite a fundamental relationship with dirt, work, and the business of making things, as opposed to the business of buying them,” he said.

He said one of reasons this is occurring is because community colleges and vocational education have taken the backseat to four-year college degrees.

“It’s not happening because people hate community colleges, it’s not happening because people hate the trades, it’s happening because we’re promoting a very specific kind of education at the expense of the others,” he said.

But I thought these were Jobs Americans Won’t Do?


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