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I got a lovely email from Karen Tumulty

And many others from readers, pointing out that when she said that Democrats may not be as disciplined as Republicans in following their leaders’ wishes, she was talking about House Dems.  Much of my criticism used Senate Pubs as counterexamples.  I take her point, however I don’t think that you’d find many in the Executive Branch who believe that House Pubs have been working in lockstep to support Bush’s policies.  On the other hand again, let’s see if the Dems continue to rebel against their new leader.

On a more serious point, Karen took the time to (very good naturedly) give me a brief history of her family name, for which I’m most grateful.  It’s a terrific name, which I intended to say but apparently said badly.  I’d love to have a name like Tumulty, which is why I asked “where do they get these names?”

It seems she’s going to keep that name.  Heh.

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