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I Hate to Be So Cynical, But…

…do you expect Iran to cooperate? 

By Howard Cincotta

USINFO Special Correspondent

Washington — The most positive steps Iran could take to enhance Iraqi

security would be to halt the flow of explosives and foreign fighters

across Iraq’s border and to stop supporting armed militia groups that are

“killing innocent Iraqi citizens,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice


In several television news interviews April 29, Rice said she would not

rule out a meeting with the Iranian foreign minister at an upcoming

international conference on Iraqi security. However, she said on CBS’s Face

the Nation, the conference participants “will be there not to talk about

U.S.-Iranian issues, but to talk about Iraq, and how Iraq’s neighbors can

help to stabilize Iraq.”

A number of Middle Eastern nations, including Iran and Syria, and

international organizations like the European Union and the U.N. Security

Council, are expected to attend the conference, termed the International

Compact with Iraq and the Expanded Neighbors of Iraq. It will be held May

3-4 at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where Secretary Rice will join the foreign

ministers from 21 countries.  …

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