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I Hate Getting Into This

because the last thing I want to hear about for the next week is the weather, but, as Chris Lilik notes over in Battlegrounders, and a reader points out below, it looks like rain:

Dear Ms. Lopez:

Has anyone else noticed that the weather forecasts for Nov. 2 appear to

show rain in almost all of the places where the race is tight? Ohio,

Pennsylvania, NH, Wisconsin, Minnesota — all have rain in the farecast,

some of it possibly severe.

Considering how unenthused Kerry-ites are for their candidate and how

revved up Bush supporters are for theirs, I wonder how much the weather

is going to play a factor next week.

Of course, if Kerry loses, the Dems will probably just claim that Bush

stole the election via his environmental polices – yet another thing to

blame on global warming!

Keep up the good work!

Michael Moore’s free Ramen Noodles to register wouldn’t be enough to get me out of bed if I were a lazy, hung over college student, that’s for sure. That said, I’m taking no comfort in such things until this election is won for W.