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I Have Returned….

Cruise was great fun, but exhausting for a hermit like me. Lucy had a grand time. The first panel I was on, included Bernard Lewis and Victor Davis Hanson, which is a bit like having me follow Yo Yo Ma and Itzach Perlman so I can play my kazoo. The second panel was quite fun, though it descended into a fairly intense metaphysical conversation between myself, Derb, Dinesh D’Souza, Ramesh and John O’Sullivan. I thought it was pretty interesting even if I’m not positive I know what it was all about. I think it would probably have been better in the original Greek.

One last thing before I retire for the evening: Charles’ post about Middlebury. I have several close friends who went there in the late 80s and early 90s. They all said that the PC stuff never really penetrated there. Maybe it’s like a tropical disease which dies as it approaches more northerly climes. Nevertheless, having visited a couple dozen campuses in the last couple years, I can attest that the left-wingyness of academy endures.


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