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I Heart Kelly Jane Torrance

In The American Enterprise, Kelly Jane Torrance gives a nice review to Crunchy Cons, which she says “reminds us that the Right is not one big monolith. It reminds us that people on opposite sides of the political spectrum can share much in common. And it reminds us of an important tradition in conservative thought, one whose thinkers understood that politics isn’t everything. A free-market system may be the surest route to wealth creation. But the social ethos needed to shore up that system is another thing entirely.” (For the record, I think her criticism of the book is quite fair).

I’m glad Ms. Torrance puts it this way. Conservatives don’t walk in lock-step. What I’m hoping that Crunchy Cons does is broaden the conversation about what conservatism is, and can be, in the present moment. To that end, readers of the crunchy, or crunchy-curious, persuasion will be interested to learn that NRO is soon going to launch a Crunchy Cons blog for discussion of the book among Corner regulars and a lively group of conservative special guests. Keep watching this space.


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