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I Hope The Suits Aren’t Reading This

A reader suggests the stem-cell debate today be pay-for-view next time–a new NRO fundraiser. He further e-mails:

I can see the TV ads now:

JD: Hereby I call out all you simplistic, overly optimistic, slippery-slopist, bright-line Papo-cons! This Thursday night at the Nassau Colosseum, I will crush you beneath an infinite-dimensional Hilbert space of PAIN!

RP: Assuming arguendo you could, you won’t! You can’t tell your modus ponens from your modus tolens! The only slippery slope is the one YOU’RE GOING DOWN!

KJL: If error has no rights, then Derb’s got nothing to protect him from a big-time smackdown! Santiago! Matamoros! DURAN DURAN!

Smash cut to logo: NR SMACKDOWN! IT’S THE BLASTOCYST BLAST! ($39.95. Not available in UT, NYC, and Canada.)


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