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I Like It!

From now on, whenever I screw up I’m going to blame you guys. After all, that’s what the owner of the New York Times does. Of course, you guys aren’t as passive as Times readers. From MassNews:

Pinch Sulzberger, owner of the New York Times, last week blamed the readers of the Times for the Jayson Blair scandal which rocked his newspaper last year and brought it  and him  to their knees.

Sulzberger made the charge against his readers while he was on a panel at the American Society of Newspaper Editors according to Editor and Publisher magazine, which reported the story this way:

“Sulzberger [said] the worst thing to come out of the Blair scandal was … readers who knew about the incorrect reporting did not complain…”

But Pinch, the readers may not have complained to you, but someone much more important did. And that was your editors.


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