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I Just Don’t Get This E-mail

“cannot beleive your comments, but then what should I expect anyway, since you are no PALIN fan, SHE WON THIS DEBATE!!!!!!, you thought she would fall flat on her face, huh????? you are one of  those so called conservatives that all the liberal commentatores and msm are referring to when they say some conservatives want PALIN out, you have lost me as a reader from now on.and please do not try to say the cbs poll said biden won, that last poll they did on the MCCAIN OBAMA DEBATE said obama won and come to find out that they polled double the amount of democrats then republicans, typical cbs. cnn poll also asked their viewers and of course they said biden won, talk about bias. at least we know FOX has a mixture of all parties. to bad you just will never like PALIN.”

Sarah Palin is such a refreshing force in American politics. She gave some not-hot interviews. She came back. And I think the comeback began before tonight.

She is new to the national scene. That she had some work to do is no shock. That maybe she took the wrong advice early one or was hesitant or frazzled or whatever for a moment is no crime. She is a force — for who she is and what she can pull off and for what she represents. Bring her on.

And like I said earlier, I’d have her keep talking about small-town American and families and health care and education and love of country. Because she does so authentically. 


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