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I Know He’s Got Time On His Hands

But who knew Fidel Castro wrote for Counterpunch? No doubt a subset of the small number of people who knew Counterpunch still existed.

Once you get over the shock, though, what is hilarious is how much Fidel Castro sounds like your typical contributor to the Huffington Post or perhaps a guest on Keith Olbermann’s show. No really:

It is known that the former US vice-presidential candidate in the 2008 elections and Tea Party leader, Sarah Palin, published on her website, as the aim for supporters of her party, a map of the congressional districts of 20 of the representatives who had backed President Obama’s proposed health reform bill and she had them marked with the viewfinder of a rifle….

In March 2010, Gabrielle’s district office was attacked.  She stated that when people do that they were going to have to be aware of the consequences; political leaders should get together and set limits.

Not exactly a shock that Fidel thinks political leaders should get together and “set limits.”


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