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I Know I Will Get Grief for This But…

Unless Mary Cheney asks to be part of a political debate about this, there is no need to have a public discussion about her life. The New York Times raises the question of how/who, etc. That just seems outrageous to me. She is not the vice president. She is not the president. That’s just uncalled for from anyone in the media/commentariat. I could be wrong but the media/commentators seem to be making it – Mary Cheney’s pregnancy — a political issue, not the Cheneys.

Yes, I think fatherhood is crucial and am opposed to redefining marriage and all the rest. And my “deafening silence” on the Mary Cheney “issue” (what nonsense) doesn’t change that. But unless Mary Cheney asks to be a spokeswoman on this issue, folks ought to leave her alone.


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