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I Lied

Earlier in the week I told you could not get Victor Davis Hanson’s latest NRODT piece without subscribing. I was wrong about that one. As you know, we do post a few nuggets (even gold) from NRODT on NRO at times for maximum exposure. VDH this time is one of those gold nuggets, as you can see from the homepage. I didn’t realize that earlier in the week when I said otherwise. That said, you WILL NOT get Paul Johnson on pessimism, Jonah Goldberg’s big cover story on Vermont, Kate O’Beirne on recess appointments, Dave Shiflett on Johnny Cash, Roger Scruton on the U.N. (he’s not a fan), Amir Taheri’s status report on Iraq, Rob Long’s hysterical Long View, David Frum’s Isabel report, John Derbyshire talking to books (or maybe it was the reverse) and MUCH MORE. So, despite my little issue, there are still tons of reasons to sign up today. If you’re a Digital type (which, remember, you are automatically if you are a NRODT subscriber), you can read all of what I just mentioned TOMORROW–days before the paper copy arrives in mailboxes and on newsstands.


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