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I Love This

This is so COOL! My husband and I are sitting in our favorite reading chairs, each with our laptop, reading the new National Review. We get to discuss as we go along now, instead of waiting until we are both done with the magazine. “Did you read Derb’s dictionary?” “Yeah, did you read the one for self esteem?” “I was LMAO!” “Read Jay’s article on Bush, it’s good.” “Did you read the Long View—it’s great!” On and on it goes. I am so lucky to be married to a conservative intellectual….and that he started reading NRO in the days when Jonah would answer his every e mail.

The rest of you are just sitting there wondering what I am talking about, unless you sign up!

Do it for “the children”, just think, what if Jonah gets blamed by the “suits” and poor Lucy never gets to college…..

That sounds like fun, don’t it? Get Digital here.


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