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I Must Be Doing Something Right

Some nutter over at Daily Kos says:

Jonah Goldberg is the living, breathing embodiment of virtually all that is pernicious in the malignant socioeconomic and political structures collectively known as the American Empire. Yet tragically, this scheming sycophant to the cynical, privileged criminals of the US plutocracy reaches countless millions through myriad corporate media conduits as he weaves his sophistic arguments supporting nearly every morally repulsive aspect of United States foreign policy. 

If you’ve got time to spend reading the rest of his 3,500 word post, be my guest. But I couldn’t be bothered. I do like the above blurb though. It’s not quite as satisfying as Barbra Streisand canceling her subscription to the LA Times largely  over my column, but it’s not bad for a Monday.

Oh, and I don’t think it’s a parody.