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I Must Defend Myself…

…against Jonah:

To answer Peter and Jonah: I haven’t seen The Incredibles yet, but I am

a huge fan of Pixar — indeed, I think what Pixar is doing is the real

Hollywood revolution because by removing the actor as a storytelling

impediment, its movies can run the gamut of human emotions without

having to kowtow to the fears of performers about seeming weak or

cowardly or stupid. As for movies you should see, I really don’t have a

suggestion except that you should avoid “The Polar Express” at all

costs. As for Jonah’s continuing crusade on behalf of the comic book:

Jonah, I really think you need to get over this. The case I have made

is against the comic book as work of art. I know you loved them as a

boy and love them as a man. I loved Yodels as a boy and love them as a

man — but I don’t really think junk-food cakes are aesthetically

defensible. So can’t we all just get along? Comic books are beloved

junk. Yes, I said junk. But I also said beloved.


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