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I See London . . .

In sharing the following I am forced to admit that I still get a hard copy of the New York Times delivered each morning. The editors seem determined to end that lifetime practice of mine by tanking what remains of their credibility.

This is the main, above the fold, four-column color picture the editors saw fit to run this morning. And the thinking was . . . ? “That Afghanistan war sure is a hoot. Look at this weenie soldier fighting off the Taliban in his pink boxers! ha ha ha . . . “  Or maybe it is just a picture of a guy with a cute butt, who just happens to be in hills of Kunar province — you know, borrowing from the “cheesecake” tradition of British tabloids. And why is the soldier’s name provided?

For the record, the other front page picture is a somber, dignified portrait of Rosie O’Donnell’s brother, a gay N.Y. State Assemblyman, who is focused on passing legislation to legalize gay marriage in New York. Clear enough what we should take seriously.


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