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I Should Know Better

When I was a young boy, I went every summer with my family to the

Allentown Fair, where I grew up in Pennsylvania. One year, with Dad’s

five dollars of spending money itching right through my Wranglers, my

brother and I headed over to what passed for a sideshow. Moments

later, having been relieved of a dollar, we stood in a trailer with a

very fat African-American gentleman, and his cohort, a dwarf. After

an awkward moment or two, we left. That’s what you got for your

curiousity — a slightly sick feeling and a sadness about not being


It’s a lesson I should remember as I type “” into my

browser, but today I didn’t. And so I got to read “Little Bully

Lobbies Big Bully into Doing Its Bombing,”

Wolcott’s take on this past weekend’s AIPAC conference. His version

of reporting seems to be culling sources from the Financial Times and

the Corner, and then he mixes in his own tangy New York snark,

resulting in something a bit more nauseating than that trailer at the

Allentown Fair.

I visited the exhibit about Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, which

Wolcott lets the Financial Times describe for him. It was nothing

like that. Frankly, a little Disney-style fright-fest might have been

better. Though now that I think of it, the exhibit did contain

something terrifying to Wolcott and his ilk.


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