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I Stand with ALEC — Amazon Didn’t

The American Legislative Exchange Council has been under a vicious, all-out assault from notorious truther Van Jones and his cadre of leftists for daring to promote the free-enterprise system and other conservative ideas. Most recently, they have targeted ALEC’s member companies through shareholder activism. Apparently they succeeded in making enough fuss at Amazon’s shareholder meeting today that that brilliant innovator has cut off its modest funding to ALEC.

This is appeasement, pure and simple. Why do they think that these attacks on free enterprise will stop with ALEC? Eventually Amazon itself will be the target. I’ve been a loyal Amazon customer for years — I have a Prime account, movies in its cloud and no fewer than four (count ’em) Kindles in my household. No more. I’m boycotting Amazon and I urge others to do the same until they restore funding for ALEC. Let them know on Twitter!

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