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Naked Kyrgyzian ‘From Space’ Attacks US Embassy in Bishkek

Bishkek News Agency | 23 Apr 07

A man who called himself “a messenger from space” has tried to blow up the US embassy in Kyrgyzstan. The incident took place today [23 April] at about 0330 hours [2130 gmt 22 April].

The Kyrgyz Interior Ministry’s press service has said that two police sergeants who were guarding the embassy heard a cry. They saw a guard at a checkpoint trying to calm down an absolutely naked man, who was holding an object in his hands. Later, it became clear that the man had come to the diplomatic mission’s checkpoint and threatened to blow up the building. He then threw an unknown object at the checkpoint’s window.

The sergeants made two warning shots into the air. After that the naked man tried to take away a pistol from a checkpoint guard and then an assault rifle from one of the sergeants. The latter made two shots into the ground. One of the bullets hit the unidentified man’s right hip by a ricochet.

He claims that he is a Kazakh citizen and a resident of Astana. His name is allegedly Mukhit Abildayev and was born in 1974. He also called himself “a messenger from space”. He has currently been taken to the national first aid centre. His identity is being established. An investigation is under way.

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