The Corner

I Think Mrs. Romney Just E-mailed Me

To: Kathryn Lopez

Subject: Romney! Romney!


I read the Romney passages posted in the corner on marriage. They were at once educating, galvanizing, and moving. I’ve heard no person in political life speak so well on so big an issue in so few words. He did not just hit the nail on the head; he drove the nail clean through the board.

If Mr. Romney keeps talking like that, on this and other issues where he’s equally clear, he’ll be elected president on November 4, 2008, and carry up to 40 states.

1976 came before 1980, and 1992 was the indispensable precursor to 1994. Our history going back to Lincoln and Goldwater is to stumble before we soar. I sense very good things on the way for our side now that we know we’ve lost our way. It speaks well of us that we do not blame the American people for chastising us. We know where we erred. Our opponents, by comparison, have deep contempt for the people and they can only win through concealment of their agenda and nature.

Thanks for posting all the Romney stuff. Please continue, as I want to learn more about him.