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I Thought That Made Him Rich?

Ryan Lizza has a profile of Joe Biden in the New Yorker. Frankly, I barely  finished it. Normally, I think Lizza’s worth reading, but everything Biden tells Lizza in the one-on-one interview seemed like things I’d heard him say on C-Span a million times. I did, however find this bit amusing:

Biden happens to be one of the least wealthy members of the Senate, although his family’s joint income was more than three hundred thousand dollars last year. (His wife, Jill, has a Ph.D. in education and teaches at Delaware Technical & Community College.) His relatively straightforward tax returns and uncomplicated financial situation made the process easier. “All these years and you still have no money,” Obama said to Biden, teasingly.

I thought Barack Obama considers people who make more than $250,000 to be rich? I guess that only applies to normal people like plumbers and the like. Senators who only make a third of a million a year have “no money.”


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