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I was a little more nuanced than that.

It’s the elites, dummy (not you personally, John. It’s just an expression), specifically the intellectual elites. That’s why it doesn’t make any difference how many people in a Gallup Poll say they don’t believe in evolution. Among intellectual elites, someone who is a creationist is treated as an idiot—and what’s going to happen to the elites is the basis for my argument in the speech.

Intellectuals hate above all to look stupid in the eyes of their peers. For a long time, elites in the social sciences and humanities have been able to preen before each other with their post-modern nonsense without having anyone from the hard sciences tapping on their shoulders saying, “You do realize that this is post-modern nonsense?” That’s going to change. Is already changing.

I used sex differences in the speech as the example because that’s where the hard, indisputable evidence at the neural and genetic level is going to come first. I will stick with my prediction, and bet you a dinner that in 2020 (actuarily, we have a reasonably good chance of still being around to collect) nobody on the Harvard faculty will be willing to say in public that men and women have equal aptitude for mathematics at the highest levels. People who say that will be seen by intellectuals in the social sciences and humanities as being stupid—that’s how decisively the science will have changed.  The science is going to change what’s seen as stupid in every aspect of social policy, from the reasons that prison rehabilitation doesn’t work to the idiocy of legislation like No Child Left Behind to the reasons that mentoring programs are never going to make up for the breakdown of the traditional family.

That is not going to bring a restoration of Eden. It is going to bring wonderful new opportunities for people like us to make the case for Eden. It’s up to us to take advantage of them.


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