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I Was Wrong

I am reliably informed that I mouthed off about something I don’t know enough about earlier when I said Pat Tillman’s father’s description of a “botched homicide investigation” of his son’s killing was wrong because a homicide is an intentional act. The dictionary definition of “homicide” is the killing of one person by another person or group of persons. In other words, an act of unintentional manslaughter counts as a homicide. My apologies.

Another Tillman e-mailer offers this eloquent observation: “the misreporting on Tillman’s death is shameful, and someone ought to lose their job over it. It is a

betrayal of the trust and nobility that so many of our soldiers exhibit, and which is so crucial to public support of the military and its campaigns. Look at

the many stories where we depend on the absolute truthfulness of our soldiers for our confidence in them in the face of horrendous allegations.”


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